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Marketing Communication for Coca-Cola -

Question: Discuss about theMarketing Communication Strategyfor Coca-Cola. Answer: Introduction The general idea depicted in the advertisement is centralized in making a graphic information which in turn, becomes a centre of interest. The background music comes as another emphasized in the situation, the whole scene is taken in the concept of the day to day activities which at some point individuals seem to ignore (Parente and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014). Once they have seen the advertisement and a next moment they are faced with the same situation then, it is remembered, and caution is taken. An advertisement that I will take into consideration is the soft drink commercial with Coca-Cola, it is becoming easy for one to fall for coca cola as the ad are cultured to entice as well as show the cohesion it brings to the society when it is in cooperated into the daily food routines. E-bay is a brand which tries to be conservative while making its advertisement, once it was on the verge to create attention online keeping in mind that it is to go on top with its content (Belch, 2014). Thus, the execution, in general, made a significant SEO clicks which saw it having up to 1 million views and 50 thousand social engagement. The creativity perspective has a more captivating visualization which has an impact on the viewers the use of a natural environment which is seldom seen in the cities makes an impression to an individual to set for a walk. There is the use of a soothing song which not only increases the creativity but also enhances the delivery. Plumbing and roof repairing company are one of the businesses that make use of the UPS techniques. It comes about as the tendency of the advertisements as well as the framing and target group are always set to a unique audience. The ads will keep on shifting depending on the environment and services delivered. The need taken to have it accrue to use a USP is that they are accurate in number as well as a symbol which gives an increase in the performance. It also has an inclusion of an easy to use kit which implies they are practically an ironclad law in an instance. Recognition is achieved in many ways, and one of the advertisements agency or companies which use this type of tool is the social media advertising platforms. It majorly puts into emphasizing the need to have recognition. The approach is well framed to be able to stage a relatively strong message conveyance using the public to feed in information. When such is done, an individual ends up making as well as providing information to the public and thus creates more awareness of a brand. The aspect of the use of high involvement technique comes out at one time as well as an excellent tool for long-time customer retention which makes a significant birth to an extensive outreach for an advertisement. This advertisement method makes a huge implication in the workforce; the other type comes out to be the opposite but useful to a different kind of company. A well-established company will tend not to spend so much on an advertisement, and thus the best tactical approach to be used becomes the small involvement type (Luxton, Reid and Mavondo, 2015). An area which tends to be smaller is the most targeted as the information is easily acquired. In the other perspective, the uses of information and transformation techniques at different involvements will supplement other available ways already employed. To be able to make a good selection for a celebrity endorser, in a more valuable instance many companies come out and make a reliance to the Q rating on making an evaluation, it is also a key factor considered by other advertising agencies (Bacile, 2014). The role of the Q rating makes an involvement of the performance index of the celebrity in many platforms and this increases the chances to have a more intense familiarity of the person, or individual one company or agency is hiring. Expert endorsers have a broad range of platforms experience; it is then added to the exposure one should the industry and thus has a high chance to endorse an excellent rating. On the other hand, there is a virtually extended association of a celebrity endorser and the challenge compared to expert endorser is that in this type of endorsement there is high chance involvement of non-original as many factors may lead to rate them ending up not getting the essential purpose (Nobre and Silva, 2014). References Parente, D. and Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, K., 2014.Advertising campaign strategy: A guide to marketing communication plans. Cengage Learning. Belch, G.E., Belch, M.A., Kerr, G.F. and Powell, I., 2014.Advertising: An integrated marketing communication perspective. McGraw-Hill Education. Luxton, S., Reid, M. and Mavondo, F., 2015. Integrated marketing communication capability and brand performance.Journal of Advertising,44(1), pp.37-46. Bacile, T.J., Ye, C. and Swilley, E., 2014. From firm-controlled to consumer-contributed: Consumer co-production of personal media marketing communication.Journal of Interactive Marketing,28(2), pp.117-133. Csiksov, A., Antoov, M. and ?ulkov, K., 2014. Strategy in direct and interactive marketing and integrated marketing communications.Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,116, pp.1615-1619. Nobre, H. and Silva, D., 2014. Social network marketing strategy and SME strategy benefits.Journal of Transnational Management,19(2), pp.138-151.

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